The Best Wheatgrass Juicer for the Home

Omega VRT330 Dual-Stage Vertical Single-Auger Low-Speed Juicer

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Wheatgrass is a lovely green. It is outrageously healthful. But, humans cannot eat it whole. So we have to get the nutrients out, but juicing wheatgrass is no easy proposition. So what to do? The Omega vrt330 juicer is far and away the best alternative.

Grass is long, stringy, and dry. All of these characteristics can cause most juicers difficulties. The Omega vrt330, however, has no problem with properly prepared wheatgrass.

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It works differently from other juicers. It is a masticating juicer that uses a dual-phase process. First it crushes the produce, and then it squeezes it. Because this is done at very low speeds (80 rpm) the fibers do not tangle in the processor. Also, there is almost no heat, so all the delicate micro-nutrients are preserved.

The dual-phase operation increases the efficiency of the juicing. The remaining pulp is very dry. Unlike most other juicer’s recommended practice, the Omega VERT 330 does not need to run wheatgrass through a second time. In addition, the slow, dual-process does not create froth or separate the juice into density layers.

Pulp disposal, too, is easier than with most other juicers. The chute is large and mostly cleans with running water. A small brush (included) finishes up the job. Should there be a jam, the VRT 330 has a reverse switch. A quick reverse clears it in a few seconds.

Of course, proper preparation before juicing is essential. Cut the wheatgrass into short lengths (an inch or so). This will maximize the juice extraction and minimize any jams.

You may look around–you should look around–but for juicing wheatgrass you will not find another home juicer to be more effective than the Omega vrt 330. It is gentle, retains maximum nutritional value, efficient, and simple to clean. Try it, you will like it.

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Juicing Wheatgrass in the Omega VRT 330 vs the Omega 8005 8006 Juice Off

This video compares the VRT330 with the Omega 8000 series. In this comparison, when juicing wheatgrass, the 8006 is more efficient and produces better juce. If you don’t mind a commercial juicer in your kitchen, you should certainly consider an Omega 8004/8006 juicer.


P. S. The arguments in favor of the Omega vrt330 also apply to the Omega vrt330HD and Omega vrt350HD, and those two are more rugged. Nevertheless, we find it persuasive that one of the three is probably the best for your home. The Omega 8006 is sold as a commercial juicer, and it doesn’t have the aesthetic appeal of the VERT models. However, as the video shows, it is more efficient solely for wheatgrass, and it has some other functions that make it more versatile than the VERT juicers.If looks don’t matter, consider the 8006, or the Omega 8004 which has the same mechanism, but a white shell.

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