Twin Omega J8004 and J8006 Juicers Top the Charts

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

The Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer gets an astounding 4.7/5 stars on over 200 customer reviews at Amazon.

What do you want in a juicer? Efficient juicing? Quick juice preparation? Quick, easy clean up? Slow motor speed? Durability? Excellent cost? If you said yes to any of these, even if you said yes to all of them, you should purchase the Omega J8004 or J8006 juicer. What’s the difference? Today, since the replacement of the melamine auger in the 8004 with the eight-time stronger Ulten auger, only the color. The 8004 is white (and subject to visible staining with frequent use). The 8006 is a stain-resisting chrome. (Note: the Omega 8005 model has a serious difference. It has a melamine auger. Do you remember melamine in baby formula killed many Chinese infants and in pet food it sickened and killed many pets in the USA? Avoid the 8005 model.)

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Both of these were developed for commercial use, but are superb in ordinary homes, too. They are horizontal single-auger masticating juicers. They slowly draw in the foods, compress them in the auger, and compress the juice from the fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass, nuts, coffee beans, and spices.

Nuts, coffee beans and spices? Yes, they come with a solid plate (rather then using the screen) so you can grind nuts to butter and grind your coffee beans and spices. You can also use it like an ordinary food processor, blender, and a pasta extruder—pasta, too! Though these machines are not tiny—they weigh about 16 pounds, you can replace several other appliances as well as getting a top-of-the-line juicer.

The slow-moving auger (80 rpm) is quiet—you won’t wake the household when you make your juice before they get up. More importantly, the slow speed prevents oxidation of the juice, which preserves even the most delicate micronutrients. The speed also cuts down on the foam—you get juice, not a vegetative smoothie.

The OMEGA J8006 will produce 600 ml of carrot juice from a pound of carrots on the first pass. This might be as much as 15% less than one of the Omega vertical single-auger juicers (the 330 or 350 series). However, it will be twice as fast horizontally. You can run the expelled pulp through again. Tests show that re-juicing the pulp for a total of 3 times gives at least the yield of a vertical juicer. The time is virtually indistinguishable for the three runs over the vertical single run. For most folks, the speed of the OMEGA 8006 and it’s amazingly fast clean up (30 seconds to 3 minutes have been reported) will far outweigh the slightly less efficient juicing.

In all the Omega juicers, wheatgrass is a breeze, but the wheatgrass should be cut to between 2 and 3 inches in length for maximum juice and minimum blockage. If you do get a blockage, a reverse switch on all the models allows you easily to back out of the problem. If you can make “mixed” juices—say collard greens or celery with the wheatgrass—juicing the two ingredients in small quantities alternately will make the process smoother.

On both the OMEGA 8006 and the OMEGA 8004 the alternation of ingredients is suggested. One softer, then one harder ingredient maximizes the efficiency. The only item that does not work at all well is banana—several reviews commented on their initial experiences. Suggestions: freeze the banana first or just use the other included attachments to put the bananas straight into a smoothie or sorbet.

These models are incredibly durable. Their heft indicates the grade of the materials put into them. The motors are metal and the plastics of the highest grades. Remember, these were created for commercial kitchens. The Omega Company is so certain of the quality of their equipment that the OMEGA 8004 and OMEGA 8006 carry a warrantee for 15 years, and that is with the expectation of multiple daily uses. How long will it last in your kitchen with the use you plan to give it? Should there be any issues, the Omega repair process has been in place in the USA for more than 30 years. It is simple and the customer service reported to be helpful. (The Omega 8005 only carries a 10 year warranty—that’s the one with the melamine auger.)

Juicing should be as simple as possible and should give you a product whose quality is a high as possible. The OMEGA 8006 and its twin do just that. Are they perfect? It’s hard to find a reason not to say “yes,” but there are a few complaints. They are heavy—hard to move around (but not to take apart to clean). They do not have a carrying handle. The OMEGA 8004 (the white one) stains after heavy use. Their input chute is only about 1.5” on its smaller size, so you need to cut up big stuff. (This is true of all the Omega vertical models, too. Only the high speed, shredding juicers can take really big chunks or even whole fruits without cutting them up first.) If you find some other negative in the OMEGA J8006 or the OMEGA J8004 juices, please let us know. We’re betting you, like nearly every other purchaser, will be so happy juicing—and maybe other kinds of food preparation—you won’t have time to look for any minor issues. These juices simply top the charts by every measure.

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