Juicing Benefits for Real People

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Squeezing the juice out of produce, juicing, benefits you by allowing you to combine good nutrition with a hectic life style.

“Eat your vegetables,” your mother urged. We know we should, we even want to, but…

But getting real, washing, peeling, and artfully arranging vegetables for a salad takes time that is pretty scarce in your life. Then, you have to chew it all—taking more time than the preparation. And variety is pretty limited—lettuce, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes. Really, what else? Yeah, there are those “other” highly recommended ones; all those dark green and leafy ones, and the ones with funny names (and funnier tastes) that you could buy, but don’t. Boredom is better than the unknown.

Juicing helps solve many of the problems of eating your veggies while keeping the assets of salads. Both versions keep the produce raw. No one disagrees that raw is the best way to go. Without cooking, valuable and fragile micronutrients are preserved.

The health advantages of specific vegetables are highly touted by many questionable and many fewer reliable sources, but it is likely you at least operate on the “it can’t hurt and may help” philosophy regarding these claims, so that’s another reason to consume all that good produce, if you only had to time, right?

Here are four ways juicing benefits you:

Juicing benefit 1—Preparation time reduction is very real. In the juicing world, you still need to wash veggies headed for the juicer, but you quickly chop them—no art or even much uniformity needed. Small or soft items may need almost no cutting up, depending on your juicer. Little skill and little time needed.

Juicing benefit 2—Consumption time is minimal. You can drink the juice in a very small fraction of the time it takes to chew a salad! The juice can be sipped all day long—something you probably don’t want to do with a salad. And a glass of juice goes down way easier than a slippery concoction of those artfully carved salad bits!

Juicing benefit 3—Boredom is eliminated. Taste combinations from a juicer are only limited by what is at your grocers. You can experiment. There are no standards—such as “lettuce is the basic ingredient.” You can juice a single item or maybe a dozen, according to your tastes. Most recipes seem to use a half-dozen or less, but it is up to your taste buds alone.

Juicing benefit 4—You can hide the yucky stuff, but still get its nutrients. Juicing allows you to include more variety in your diet. You know your own list of those oh-so-good-for-you vegetables you should eat, but really don’t, right? When you are juicing, it is simple to include those things you aren’t so fond of alone like maybe kale or collard greens. In fact, juicing wheatgrass is the only practical way you can access wheatgrass’s nutrition. It is surprising how much good-for-you stuff you can hide in a juice heavy in carrots or tomatoes. Don’t like tomatoes—no need to use them. Remember, there are no rules.

Juicing gives you real freedom, real taste, real fast. It is not just for “health nuts.” juicing benefits real people.

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