Review of the Omega VRT330HD Juicer

Omega VRT330HD Heavy Duty Vert Juicer

The Omega VRT330HD Heavy Duty Vert Juicer gets 4.8 out of 5 stars on customer reviews at Amazon.

Those who bought the Omega VRT330HD juicer call it many things–cool, amazing, great–but the best word is “convenient.” You want a juicer because you are concerned about nutrition and health in general, yes. But you also fill every minute of your life and value keeping things simple doing chores–even juicing your fresh foods. If it can be done keeping the nutrition, easier is better.

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The Omega VRT330HD is easy to use, and with its low speed operation, 80 rpm, also better. Juicers that run at much higher speeds such as the very popular 6500-to-12500-rpm Breville BJE510XL may oxidize the juice by adding air and cook other micro-nutrients by its high operating temperature. The VRT330HD preserves the nutritional value of the juice, and preserves your hearing with its quiet running.

From top to bottom the Omega VRT330HD is convenient. The large (more than 1 inch square) input port is self-feeding. Pulpy foods like pineapple rarely jam due to the large output port. And if there is a jam, the handy little rake that’s included will break it up in no time.

Then you get down to the actual juicing where you have a choice of two filter screens to control the amount of pulp in the juice.   A rotating arm helps clean off the filter screens as the produce is run through the machine, so you have almost no screen cleaning to do at the end.  This is particularly true when you run clear water after finishing your juice.

Once finished juicing, twist to disassemble, swish to wash the parts. Even tough orange bits come right out of the filter screens with a couple of taps and a bit of running water. Some YouTube videos suggest that is not the case, but many users find cleaning the Omega VRT330HD far easier than many others. Save 80% of the juicing and clean up time other juicers can take.

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And when it is just sitting on the cupboard, waiting for the next job, it takes up little space with its vertical design, but it is still short enough to fit easily under an upper cupboard.

Its pearl white design is not only elegant, but does not show stains, even when beets were a daily ingredient of one user’s juice. You will want it in sight.

Is this juicer perfect? Of course not. You can defeat this machine. Put in the biggest chunks possible and it may choke up. As with all juicers, you need to cut up the pieces into appropriate sizes and shapes. Fat carrots may fit into the feeder, but a quick vertical cut will keep the diameter of the carrot in line with the size of the masticating auger. (And you can easily reverse the auger to clear jams.)

Also, when you are juicing wheatgrass, kale, spinach, celery and other string greens, if you cut them into short lengths under 1 inch, this machine runs beautifully. Longer lengths can stop up the filter screen and increase both pulp in the juice and foam on top of it.

Another tip: alternating soft and hard items helps the performance.

Reportedly, the VRT330HD gives as much as twice as much juice as other juicers and leaves a very dry waste pulp.

What about the Omega VRT330 (no “HD”)? It costs about $30 less than the VRT330HD, but it has some plastic parts that some users have found to crack under heavy use. The VRT330HD (“HD” as in “Heavy Duty”) was created to overcome these problems. If you juice fewer than three times a week and are careful with tougher items, the VRT330 may be all that you need.

With the Omega VRT330HD juicer, you save time in juicing and cleaning up. With the high rate of juice removal, you same money buying your foodstuffs. You minimize frustration from misbehaving parts–and it comes with a full 10-year warranty, should something go awry. Buy the Omega VRT330HD and you are not buying just a juicer, you are buying convenience.

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