Should You Buy an Omega VERT vrt330 Juicer?

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This juicer is an excellent choice. It juices a wide variety of produce, from wheatgrass to carrots, to cherries with their pits. It produces a large amount of juice, and the juice is high quality — no froth and no separation. Moreover, the nutrition of the juice is preserved. The Omega vrt330 doesn’t get hot, so the vitamins and amino acids don’t break down.

Omega, a successful, U.S.-based company with many products and a long time in business, offers a full 10 year warranty.

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Quality and quantity of juice produced

The Omega VERT vrt330 produces a large quantity of high quality juice from the produce you put in it.

The Omega VERT is a masticating juicer that uses a two-phase process. First it crushes the produce, then it squeezes it to extract the maximum yield. The extruded pulp comes out quite dry.

The juice has almost no frothing. The low speed (80 RPM) does not churn up a froth the way a high speed motor does.

The juice has almost no separation, since the Omega vrt330 squeezes the juice. A centrifugal juicer, on the other hand, will not only separate the juice from the pulp, but also separate the juice into density layers.

The high quality of the juice is maintained by the Omega vrt330 running cool. A higher-speed motor generates more heat, which makes some of the nutritional compounds break down. When you juice raw veggies with the Omega VERT, you will get their natural vitamins and amino acids.

You have a choice of more or less pulp in your juice. The Omega VERT comes with two different filters. The wider mesh will give more pulp. More pulp is better for keeping your digestive tract healthy, but of course, it may not have the mouth-feel you care for. You can juice a wide variety of fruits and veggies in the Omega VERT vrt330. Since it is a masticating juicer, the vrt330 can handle leafy veggies, including wheat grass. It can handle hard veggies such as carrots. It can handle fruits including cherries with their pits. You can get soy milk out of soy beans. You can even make nut butter using the fine-mesh filter, although that is not an approved use.


The Omega VERT takes up a bit less than 7″x10″ of counter space. It is just under 16″ high, so you can slide it under a cabinet when not in use, but since it feeds from the top, you probably have to slide it out to use it. It weighs about 17 pounds.

The Omega vrt330 is noted for its fast and quiet operation, although it can squeak annoyingly when juicing wheat grass.

You will have to cut up larger fruits when feeding them through the 2.25″ x 1.25″ feed chute. You shouldn’t have to force the produce into the chute — the vrt330 is essentially self-feeding.

The Omega vrt330’s pulp discharge chute can jam, but putting the vrt330 into reverse for a moment usually is enough to dislodge the blockage. To reduce the likelihood of a jam, cut celery into one inch pieces (long fibers are a problem) and feed the ingredients of a recipe in rotation, e.g. a piece of celery, a piece of apple, a piece of carrot, a piece of kale, and then the next piece of celery, and so on.

The Omega VERT vrt330 allows continuous operation. The pulp is continuously being discharged. You can juice all the ingredients of a recipe at the same time. To then create a different juice, you pour water through until it comes out clean, and then start the next recipe.


Cleaning is quick and easy. Most people report that cleaning the Omega VERT 330 takes under five minutes; some claim they can do it in under two.

To clean the VERT juicer, flush it with water until the water turns clear, then disassemble, rinse, and brush one part. It comes with a brush for that purpose.

There is one complaint regarding cleaning the vrt330: some people report that the plastic parts can stain.


The Omega vrt330 is made mostly of heavy-duty plastic. The auger is made from GE Ultem resin, eight times the strength of normal plastic. Some people have reported that the plastic screens have cracked under heavy use, but these are covered under the 10 year full warranty, and Omega has good customer service and ships replacement parts quickly. Moreover, Omega is a reputable, US-based company that has been successfully in business for over 30 years. They offer a range of products and back them up. They are highly unlikely to go out of business over the warranty period leaving you without support.

In Conclusion

A good juicer can make it quick and easy to get the nutrition you need for a healthy life. “Quick and easy” are important. The main reason we don’t get enough vitamins, minerals, and other nutriments is that we don’t have the time to prepare them in a tasty recipe, or even to eat them.

The Omega VERT vrt330 juicer is quick and easy to use and clean, it juices a wide range of fruits and veggies, and it is supported with a 10 year warranty from a reputable company. I recommend it highly. But whatever juicer you decide on, use it, and it will make your life better.

Here is a good video introduction to the Omega VERT vrt330 juicer:

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