Vegetable Smoothies? Are They Any Good?

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Would you drink something cool, frosty even, and Emerald City green? Whether your first reaction is “Yuck!” or “Can’t wait!” you may be in for a surprise at the lovely vegetable smoothies you can make.

Take wheatgrass for example. You put your home-grown wheatgrass into your Omega vrt330 juicer and get this lovely emerald liquid. If you are of the “Yuck” persuasion, you might hold your nose and chug the juice. You know it is loaded with nutrients, micro-nutrients, anti-oxidants, etc., etc. That’s why you drink it, but you are not a fan of the taste. Put that juice in a smoothies maker like the Margaritaville Fiji frozen concoction machine, fill the ice hopper, select “Smoothie” in the dial and press “GO”. In seconds, that slightly harsh, very concentrated greenness has become a frosty, milder infusion you linger over. Even the wheatgrass juice aficionados appreciate the variety a smoothie affords.

A vegetable smoothie need not be just vegetables. With a juicer like the Omega vrt330 or the Breville BJE510XL you have all the variety of the universe to use as the base for your smoothie. Vegetables with a touch of fruit can be very low-calorie while retaining natural sweetness. Adding the shaved ice perfectly blended into restaurant-quality smoothness, a smoothie gives you a great breakfast-time start, or an end-of-the-day relaxer sans alcohol.

Try this Red Wonder Smoothie–Juice 3 carrots, 1 cored apple, 1 cucumber, 1 beet, 1 stalk of celery, and a small piece of ginger root. Pour into the smoothies maker pitcher, fill the ice hopper, set the machine to “smoothie”, and press “GO”. In seconds, the bright red juice turns an exquisite pink. The taste of the juice–dominated by the earthy beet–will mellow. Sipping this will leave you in the pink.

The advantage of juicers are their flexibility–you can mix almost anything. (Be careful not to mix too many things at a time, however, or you get a muddy taste, as well as a muddy color.) Consider adding a bit of sour cream or plain yoghurt to a veggie juice smoothie, especially one heavy on cucumbers. If you have a fruit juice with a little vegetable undertone–oranges, pineapple, and a sweet potato–you might want to use some vanilla yoghurt, or even ice creams. Don’t forget, herbs can go into the juices and will enliven the smoothies. The various mints are sure fire additives. Basil might really perk up that cucumber/sour cream smoothie. The world of tastes lie at your fingertips as you push the easy-operating switches of juicers and smoothies makers.

Vegetable smoothies? I bet you want to go out and try some now–whatever your first reaction was, right?

Vegetable smoothie!? YES! Recipe


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