Review of the Breville BJE510XL Juice Extractor:

A Fast, Powerful, Easy to Clean Juicer

Breville BJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor

The Breville BJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor is available at Amazon.

This popular juicer gets a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from over 485 customers at Amazon. It is in the top ten most purchased juicers there. It juices quickly—8 ounces in as little as 5 seconds—and cleans up quickly. Its large, 3 inch opening allows you to feed produce into it without much chopping. The rugged, stainless steel cutting disk and filter basket don’t break.

  • • It automatically adjusts its speed to the load for maximum extraction.
  • • It features dishwasher-safe parts.
  • • It has a backlit control panel.
  • • It comes with a jug with a froth-separator lid.


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The Breville BJE510XL Juice Extractor:

Both Beauty and Beast

Our lives need the beauty of elegant design. The Breville bje510xl Extractor is a beauty. It sits like a piece of stainless steel sculpture on your kitchen counter. What’s more, its insides are as well-designed and as beautiful. But, you need a beast of a machine to get the most juice from your fruits and vegetables. The Breville bje510xl Juicer is also a beast.

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Beasts are powerful, and this juicer has power. It has a 900-watt motor and is the only juicer with five speeds. Even the toughest produce, like whole apples and beets, can be devoured whole. Better yet, there is a smart sensor that identifies how much power is needed to crush any particular combination you put into it. The correct speed is automatically set.

Beasts are also efficient. A 3” diameter feeder opening devours the produce. But use the pusher, not your fingers, as the cutting disk could just as quickly devour your fingertips. The juice comes out beautiful, fresh, and delicious. Eight ounces can take as little as 5 seconds to sparkle into the collection container, or straight into your glass! While the high speed extraction process does generate heat and with stringy greens some froth, the short time required for extraction keeps both generally at a minimum. The pulp is put efficiently into its place, not into the juice.

Clean up is a beauty. If you line the pulp container with a plastic bag, there’s almost no clean up there. Swish the other six removable parts through soapy dishwater; give the filter basket a brush with the included brush, and the work is done. One purchaser suggested net-covered sponges were even better and faster than the brush.

Clean up is so beautiful because of the machine’s design. Importantly, the two most heavily stressed parts, the cutting disk and the filter basket, are stainless steel. Their beauty hides bestial strength. No one has reported these parts breaking or deforming. The central-feeding design with the produce entering in the center of the machine maintains the balance of the machine, better than if the food entered at the side. Centrifugal forces thus affect he produce being juiced, not the operating parts. That’s more beautiful design.

All the parts that are not stainless steel are commercial-grade polymers. Those, too, hold their own in strength and beauty. (And simple lemon juice restored the beauty to a carrot-stained white acrylic ring around the filter basket.)

Is it a problem to have a beast in the kitchen? Possibly. Some buyers have reported decreased performance after some usage. Older beasts’ teeth can dull. The cutting blade/filter basket assembly has needed replacement, according to a couple buyers. This could be expensive, if the seller’s or manufacturer’s warranties have expired.

This beast can be rather noisy, depending on your personal perceptions. All centrifuge extractors make noise as part of their operation, but the Breville bje510xl is quieter than most, particularly on its lower speeds when extracting softer fruits. Some have even called it “quiet.”

Be warned, however. The beast’s roar can signal serious trouble. When the machine has received horrific reviews, it is due to a single problem—an over-stressed motor. One ugly feature is the presence of an internal circuit breaker that trips when the motor overloads. As with all breakers, this saves the motor—which is warranted for 10 years. Alas, it is internal, and the whole motor assembly must be returned to fix it. Breville customer service quality appears to be highly variable, ranging from exquisitely efficient to non-existent. Should you have any difficulties early in the relationship, the ability to return the machine to the seller (Amazon, Bed, Bath and Beyond, etc.) seems to have been faster than working through Breville’s customer service.

Can this problem of overloading be avoided? Easily. Keep an ear on the sound of the motor. If it is slowing down, chugging hard, frothing excessively, or grinding to a halt, turn it off immediately. You may need to cut up some of the harder items. You can alternate softer and harder produce. You can feed it more slowly. Experiment to find what works best for your tastes. Being kind and gentle to your beast will keep it and you happy. Many, many users have had long and cordial relations with this juicer, despite this potential problem.

In the tale, the Beauty and the Beast were transformed by their relationship and lived happily ever after. With the Breville bje510xl juice extractor in your kitchen, you will have the beauty of a well-designed, durable piece of equipment wrapped around a powerful yet smart, all-devouring, internal beast. It will deliver a lovely, healthful, potentially life-transforming drink. This relationship could well affect the quality of your life for a long while, if not quite for ever after.

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