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Dear friend,

Welcome to my website devoted to juicing as a aid in maintaining your health and vitality. I will be offering advice on juicing and reviews of some of the best juice machines on the market.

Fast food is popular because it is fast and it tastes good, even though it is unhealthy. The scientific literature documents the benefits of a diet richer in fruits and vegetables, but that diet is typically not both fast and tasty. Preparing vegetables so they are tasty can take a long time, and without preparation, they taste bland, or worse. Without sufficient care,a fruit and vegetable diet quickly becomes repetitious and boring.

Many people who are taking their health and nutrition seriously have turned to juicing to accommodate their dietary needs to their fast-paced life-styles. Juicing, extracting the juices from fruits and vegetables, offers many benefits.

With juicing, the preparation is quick — slicing and dicing and cooking time is eliminated. You can drink the juice immediately, or make a smoothie from it.

With juicing, flavors can be combined easily to make a wide variety of tasty drinks. The boredom of plain fruits-and-vegetables dishes vanishes.

With juicing, the nutritional value of raw vegetables is preserved, that is easily lost in cooking. Enzymes that play a vital role in metabolism are easily destroyed by heat. Juicing rather than cooking allows these enzymes to convert your food into energy and tissue. They can increase your metabolic rate, making you more vigorous, and helping you burn calories and lose weight.

With juicing, the nutrition is delivered quickly across intestinal walls into the blood stream. Digestion takes time and considerable energy. That’s why you feel sluggish after a meal. Reducing the time and energy required for digestion gives you the time and pep to get more things done.

With juicing, you can delay aging, live longer and with more vitality. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that remove free oxygen radicals from your body. These free radicals cause many of the effects of aging.

Juicing can help you treat many health conditions. You will get the rich mixture of enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals it needs when it needs them. Without juicing, you will have trouble fitting the fruits and vegetables into your schedule.

– Thomas


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